• Cialis Black 800 mg

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    Cialis Black 800 mg

    Cialis Black is an effective Tadalafil based oral medicine used in patients with erectile dysfunction, otherwise referred to as male impotence. Among the entire repertoire of Cialis tablets, Cialis Black is the most powerful generic pharmacological form of tadalafil.

    Cialis Black contains 800mg of tadalafil, which means that the medicine is much stronger than any other drug in the paradigm. It still needs to be taken 30 minutes prior to the coitus, but it remains efficient during the ensuing 55 hours after the moment of taking.

    Cialis Black is a PDE5 inhibitor that is also a potential vasodilator. Cialis Black helps to live a healthier sexual life, contributing to the girth and the size of the penis during erection. Patients taking Cialis Black report having their penile tissues sensitized, which in its turn allows to have brighter orgasms.

    The medicine is not supposed to be taken by persons to whom it has not been prescribed in order to avoid the risk of adverse reactions towards the drug or any of its components. You should consult your prescriber giving as much information as possible about all of the over-the-counter and prescription medicines, including herbals that you are currently taking, as well as your anamnesis.

    While you take Cialis Black some of the side effects may occur. Inform your physician and discontinue the use of Cialis Black if you experience the following symptoms: dizziness, flushing, swelling of the face, lips or arms, chest pain, diarrhea, palpitations, prolonged or painful erection, changes in the vision or hearing.

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